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Is your ice healthy TOO?

We go to great lengths to make sure our food, drinking water and lifestyle are healthy. In recent times, even our cars, energy and environment. But what about the ice in those health juices or our drinks? Do we know what water it's made of or where it comes from? For once, you don't need to know.

But we'll still tell you about our ice. We go to great lengths to make sure its made from pure clean drinking water that's filtered by a process called reverse osmosis, in short R.O. And our machines that make the ice are clean and certified. You could come by and take a look too. There's a reason we're called Pure Ice.

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Different Drinks.
same ice?

What happens when you use the same ice for a juice and a drink? The juice is had quickly, and not cold enough, if you've noticed, because the ice is still intact at the end. Conversely, your 17-year vintage single-malt is all watery because the ice has melted before you've had your fifth sip.

No more! We have stocked your favourite juice bars and watering holes with three types of ice. First is a soft ice that comes in the green packs and melts quickly – good for juices and slushes. The next is a medium ice that’s good for other regular drinks and comes in a purple pack. And you’ll find the hard ice that stays cold and solid for way longer, made especially for your discerning tastes, in the blue packs. The way we spoil you for choice, we should be called Pure & Nice Ice, no?

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Pure Ice for Everyone!

We have a soft corner for you. That is how we thought of 300gm, 750gm, 2kg, 5kg and 10kg packs. For you! Because we love light social drinkers. We love the daily gentry. We love all those hosts-with-the-most. And we love you barons of super sought-after watering holes. Repeat, Sir?

Pure Ice
Is Everywhere!

You may not know it yet, but that juice you have at Empire has Pure Ice in it. That's why it's so nice and cold, and that's why you like it.

If you're having a drink at a restaurant like The Only Place, that's Pure Ice in it again. You'll also find Pure Ice in departmental stores like Nilgiris and Thoms Bakery and wine marts in the neighbourhood like Not Just Wine & Cheese. But if you've looked around and haven't found it close to you, give us a call at 080-25253000 or +91 - 97411 03000 or email us at 2cubespls@pureice.in and we'll get there as soon as we can.

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*Conditions Apply
  1. Orders are taken a minimum of one day prior for weekday deliveries & 2 days prior for Weekend deliveries.
  2. The Delivery option is available in select areas of Bangalore City only, namely - Central, East, South East, South, North East & North areas. As we ramp-up and increase our spread, the delivery options will also scale up.
  3. If we are unable to have our partner locations cater to your order and have to run a specific vehicle to reach you, the charges would be Rs.15/km total distance run (to & fro).
  4. Deep freezers/Insulated boxes are to be catered for by you to receive and store the ice till the start of and thru the duration of your event. Size of the freezer/box will depend on the order quantity placed by you.
Are you an Event planner/manager or Caterer?
Ask for our Partner Rates on
your bulk purchases!

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